Make Your ALM and
DevOps Teams 10X Faster

Gather, Analyze, and Synchronize Data Across Tools

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What is Klera?

Klera is a product that makes ALM and DevOps teams efficient, by seamlessly
connecting the dots across all data sources.

  • Instantaneously connect to 50+ tools and databases using bi-directional connectors
  • Contextually analyze and interactively visualize correlated insights from disparate
    data sources
  • Compute key metrics, securely publish, share and collaborate
  • Intelligently synchronize data across tools using business logic and machine learning
  • Create new Apps and use 100+ existing Apps for out-of-the-box intelligence
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Why Klera?

Traditional BI and data synchronization approaches require multiple tools and extensive IT and programming skills. The outcome is an error-prone, inefficient and expensive Enterprise solution with unsolved ALM and DevOps use cases.

Klera enables your teams to create Apps that seamlessly gather, analyze, and synchronize data across all your tools. In short, TranscendBITM with one unified solution.

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