Strive for Developer Happiness, Productivity will Follow

Accelerate Time to Value for Your
Business By 20X

Rapidly Fulfill Needs of Business Users Across All Functions

In less time than an Agile development cycle and without IT dependencies, business users can solve strategic problems using workflow apps.

Shift Focus from Repetitive Tasks to Your Core Competency

Reduce errors and save time by automating processes with intelligence. Enable your teams to focus on creating value for your customers.

Let Data Drive Your Strategic Decisions and Actions

Manage risks, take informed decisions and actions with 360 visibility across all your data, all tools and as-is processes seamlessly.

Scale Securely With a Flexible and Extensible Platform

Future-proof your business with a platform built to scale and adapt to meet your ever-evolving needs.

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Workflow, Process Automation, and Data Analytics Needs

Automate Routine Tasks with Workflow-Based Apps

  • Out-of-the-box Apps

    Quickly experience value by downloading ready-to-use apps, solutions and templates from the App Store.

  • Intuitive and Customizable Workflows

    Customize workflows to meet changing requirements without any coding.

  • Configurable Solutions

    Package multiple apps to create interactive, workflow-based solutions.

Transform the Way You Work with End-to-End Process Automation

  • Automate Processes to Save Time and Reduce Costs

    Customize forms, buttons and apply business logic without coding to automate processes in minutes.

  • Enable Data Synchronization with Out-of-the-Box Connectors

    Drive transparency, coordination and accountability across teams by minimizing errors with intelligent data synchronization.

  • Get Real-Time Visibility and SLA Alerts

    Create a single source of truth and get timely process updates for a coordinated, proactive response.

Make Self-Service Analytics a Reality with Real-Time, Interactive Dashboards

  • Interactive and Coordinated Visualizations

    Filter, drill down and across multiple data sources to reveal granular details and actionable insights.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Realize Predictive Analytics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Unify all 3rd party and proprietary tools and databases

    Ensure consistent, accurate and unified information across all on premise and cloud data source.

85+ Out-of-the-box Smart Connectors

Connect bi-directionally with your existing tools and databases, to enable greater visibility and collaboration across processes.

We Put Customer
Success First

Leading global enterprises across industries trust Klera to drive informed decisions, productivity and greater process efficiencies.

"We went from 2 days to 20 minutes per quarter to compute our PI metrics with Klera.”

Retail General Manager
ALM Team | Fortune #17 Retail Giant

"We are now able to compile our weekly quality and reliability reports for executives in just 15 minutes which was earlier taking 6 hours."

Cloud Communication Sr. Director
UCaaS Leader

"We can now identify bottlenecks in our Agile Scrum Development Cycle in just 30 minutes per week as compared to 8 hours per week earlier."

Media Director
Enterprise Agile | Big Five Media Giant

"In minutes, we are now able to establish the golden thread – from recurring defects to its source."

Telecom Head
Solutions Engineering | Telecom Infrastructure

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