Despite several improvements in software development, it is not rare for teams to encounter merge conflicts. It is seen that developers spend a significant amount of time on conflict resolution just before a release. Software teams lack visibility into who is working on the same file, class, or line of code, which creates such issues leading to loss of productivity. Klera solves this challenge by analyzing data from all Git branches and identifying potential conflicts before a pull request.

Eliminate Last Minute Code Conflicts

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  • Get alerts delivered right into your inbox as soon as a potential conflict is found
  • Minimize the probability of conflicts and avoid chaos at the time of release
  • Resolve logical conflicts proactively and save time on merging and code reviews
  • Analyze code impact and get percentage match score for all impacted features to improve testing coverage

Benefits of Early Conflict Detection

Software Engineering

With early alerts, developers can easily compare the lines of modified code to resolve conflicts, achieving up to a 94% reduction in conflict resolution time.

Quality Assurance

With code impact analysis, QA teams can save a lot of rework, reduce their regression time, and ensure better quality with improved test coverage.

Delivery Leaders

Avoid last-minute delivery hiccups and meet customer expectations with frequent, high-quality deliveries, with incremental improvements in speed and reliability.

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