Steering software projects with effective controls and visibility into time, cost, quality, and scope parameters is difficult. Unexpected spikes in defects, burnouts, spillovers, scope instability, and several other issues can derail a project. Klera simplifies project analysis and quality reviews and makes it possible to get data-driven early warnings for deviations along with ML-based delivery predictions for enabling timely and high-quality deliveries.

Enable Data-Driven Predictive Deliveries

  • Visualize critical metrics and data from project management tools
  • Track variance in sprint velocities to detect issues with productivity
  • Monitor scope variance and its potential impact on time and costs
  • Assess release status and deviations to plan better for timely deliveries

Benefits of Predictive Analytics

Delivery Leaders

Get actionable insights for eliminating excess work in progress, addressing risks and dependencies, analyzing the scope and velocity variations, and eventually make informed decisions balancing consistency and adaptability.

Development Team

Get on the same page with geographically dispersed teams, aligning development efforts with business context, vision, and objectives, and contribute to faster decision making.

Business Stakeholders

Gain quick visibility into projects, ensure incremental improvements in delivery, and respond to market demands with higher agility and faster time to market to meet strategic business goals.

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