In most organizations, it is not uncommon for teams to raise multiple or duplicate tickets for the same issue. Further, support teams need to manually assign tickets and create corresponding issues in the project management tool. Klera automatically synchronizes data across all such ticketing and project management tools, helping organizations reduce their swivel chair efforts, avoid alert fatigue, ensure smoother operations, and achieve higher productivity.

Synchronize tickets and issues automatically across tools
such as ServiceNow and Jira in real time.

  • Expedite tracking, qualification, and prioritization of support tickets
  • Automatically identify and group duplicate tickets
  • Sync data across tools to automatically create corresponding issues for resolution
  • Assign tickets intelligently using Machine Learning
  • Update periodic status in both tools to ensure SLA compliance

Benefits of Data Synchronization

Product Owner

Product owners get accurate metrics for assessing the project status by tracking recurring issues, bottlenecks, resource requirements, budgets, and more.


With automated ticket assignments, operations and support teams easily manage their work, collaborate better to resolve issues quickly, and consistently meet SLAs and compliances.

Software Engineering

Developers can avoid conflicts and duplication of work, collaborate with the support team to resolve issues in a cohesive manner, and ensure higher productivity.

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Real Time Data Synchronization

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Experience the Power of a Unified Product Backlog


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