Enhance Quality Engineering With End-to-End Tracking of Key Test Metrics

Every software development team seeks higher velocity to release frequently. The quality and coverage of test suites play a crucial role in ensuring these releases are stable and meet end-user expectations. However, in large organizations, quality engineering departments face multiple challenges in managing and monitoring the test suites. It is not easy to keep track of multiple builds, their defects, associated test cases, and assess if the test suites are able to surface the defects early in the cycle. One has to painstakingly correlate data spread across different tools for project management, source code management, test management, etc. to assess risks or get an overview of test suites and their execution status across the organization. Klera streamlines test monitoring by helping you gather and visually analyze all your test data using interactive dashboards.

Monitor Test Suite Execution For High-Quality Builds

Integrate tools like Jira, GitHub, and TestRail to:

  • Create custom dashboards that help you assess projects’ risks with metrics like average quality score
  • Get an overview of test suite execution with summaries of passed, failed, and flaky tests
  • Assess test automation plan and the current state of automation across projects
  • Find out which tests were never executed, had no steps, or didn’t include any expected outcome

Benefits of Unified Test Monitoring

VP Engineering & QA

VPs can get an accurate overview of QA across projects with a quick assessment of projects’ health and risks and identify if testing has made continuous improvements over a period.

Project Managers

PMs do not have to manually correlate test suites, build data, and tasks/tickets to get a sense of team performance, and can easily assess the quality and coverage of test suites.

Development & Testing Team

Easy data-driven visibility into performance with timely feedback allows team members to write better test cases, improve test coverage, and collaborate efficiently.

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