To ensure business success, development teams need to align with key strategic business imperatives as they plan the product roadmap. They need to focus on and prioritize work-items with the greatest business impact while addressing bugs, service tickets, risks, impediments and more.

With 50+ bi-directional connectors, and the ability to rapidly on-board almost any data source, Klera allows
development teams to break data silos across tools and create a single, prioritized product backlog.

Simplify Release and Iteration Planning

Use a pre-built or custom app to automate the following:

  • Read using smart connectors from multiple tools, platforms and databases.
  • Qualify items of interest with business logic.
  • Write automatically to the preferred tool to create a dynamic to-do list.
  • Analyze issues using visual analytics and ML models, and update priorities as needed.

Benefits of a Unified Product Backlog

Product Owner

Adopt a customer-first approach to product planning and ensure better adoption and faster time-to-value for customers. Align development with the strategic product vision.

Business Stakeholder

Leverage market intelligence to influence the product roadmap and ensure inclusion of business-critical requirements. Stay ahead of competition, improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Development Team

Avoid last minute surprises and drive efficiency in releases by operating from a single source of truth. Create visibility and transparency for all stakeholders through the release process.

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