Unleash the power of a no code, unified platform to rapidly automate and package complex
flows or sequence of operations, across tools and platforms, in the form of apps.
Add intelligence with computations and machine learning.

4 Building Blocks

Collect Data
from Multiple Sources

Write-back to
Native Data Sources


Visualize and
Deliver Insights

Use standalone apps or their unique combinations, apply ML, AI, Python
integration capabilities and solve complex use cases.

Data Collection

Contextually read data from existing tools and platforms, or collect
new data using custom data entry forms. Over 50 out-of-the-box
connectors available to connect with tools, platforms and
databases immediately.

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Multiple Data Entry

Enter data once into a single form, and write-back automatically to
multiple, connected tools, platforms, or databases at the same
time. Avoid duplication of efforts and manual data entry errors.


Read data from one tool, apply business logic, and make
corresponding entries or updates in other tools, platforms, or
databases. Ensure consistency across sources with automatic
bi-directional sync.

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Data Preparation

Easily build complex, automated flows and ETL pipelines across
disparate data sources. Correlate data across tools seamlessly
with sequence of operations and transform it with advanced
computational capabilities.

Insights Delivery

Analyze and visualize structured and unstructured data using
advanced computations and machine learning capabilities.
Deliver business intelligence in the form of metrics and
actionable insights.

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Workflow Automation

Integrate disparate tools across business functions and create smart workflows to reduce the burden on teams, automate routines, schedule reports, trigger alerts and actions, visualize trends, and get actionable intelligence.

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