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Paving the Way for Outcome-Based Product Backlogs

By Garima Rai  |  July 22, 2020

Software development organizations too need to align to customers’ needs. And, output – when it comes to software – isn’t all that matters to customers.


Customer Found Defects – Everybody’s Embarrassment …

By Garima Rai  |  July 15, 2020

Driven by the goal to deliver high quality products to customers rapidly, engineering teams follow a systematic …


Did I Miss A Customer Request? A Product Owner’s Dilemma

By Bhavin Shah  |  June 29, 2020

Backlog planning and the need for a single source of truth given that data is sprinkled across many tools is a  …


Uninformed Developers Encounter Unanticipated Conflicts

By Garima Rai  |  March 27, 2020

We conducted a survey recently, to identify the major barriers to developer productivity, which garnered …