Span the complete lifecycle of data with core capabilities to collect, read, transform, analyze, write-back,
and collaborate across tools, platforms, and databases.
Use pre-built apps or rapidly create your own apps to address your unique business needs.

Collect Data

Collect Data from
Disparate Sources

Use 50+ smart connectors to collect data from multiple tools, platforms, and databases. Add new data sources without coding. Create forms to source data directly from users.

Write Back

Write Back to
Native Tools

Use bi-directional connectivity to write-back to native data sources. Leverage all available standard APIs to enter new data or update standard and custom fields in native tools.

Compute Custom Insights

Custom Insights

Use built-in computation engine to generate insights. Create custom formulas using Python. Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze text, image, voice, and video data.

Create Visualizations

Create Interactive

Analyze complex, correlated information with coordinated visualizations. Interactive data filtering and highlighting enables users to drill across tools to contextualize insights.

Schedule Programs


Automate workflows for data collection, synchronization, analysis, and insights delivery at a defined cadence. Trigger intelligent alerts and actions on meeting predefined conditions.

Insights Delivery

Contextual Insights Delivery
with Storyboarding

Create interactive storyboards to add context to insights. Use visualizations to sequentially demonstrate use cases, correlate decisions with outcomes, or share business ideas.

Smart Alerts

Set Up
Smart Alerts

Set up simple or complex business rules to trigger actions and alerts to monitor performance and reduce business risks. Get notifications across standard collaboration tools.

Generate Actionable Reports

Actionable Reports

Generate on-demand or pre-scheduled interactive reports. Publish these reports as real-time dashboards, on an enterprise collaboration tool of choice, or share via email as PDF.

Share and Collaborate

Securely Share and

Collaborate with multiple users to create and publish apps for use in their respective context. Data access control at row and column level makes sharing and collaboration completely secure.

Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps


Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps

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