Sales and support teams need to assess up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and respond to customer queries with increased agility. It is imperative for businesses to stay on top of their product adoption, usage, and support data spread across different channels for efficient customer account management. However, businesses often lack a unified interface to get actionable insights into their customer data. Klera bridges this gap by collecting data using its pre-built connectors and providing a powerful visual analytics platform to help you monitor and make the most of your sales and support efforts.

Align Sales and Support Teams For Improved Customer Satisfaction

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  • Sync Salesforce and ServiceNow to assess the true health of a customer account with an end-to-end view across departments
  • Drive incidents to closure that lead to positive customer sentiments
  • Eliminate risks and increase the probability of expanding into accounts in a data-driven way

Benefits of Predictive Customer Retention

Sales Team

The sales team can monitor the time to account renewal and take necessary steps to drive engagement to meet targets and expand into existing accounts.

Customer Success Team

The customer success team can easily track customer sentiment to make incremental process improvements for faster resolution of open tickets.

Business Leaders

Business leaders can stay on top of the performance of their sales and support teams and deliver a better customer experience with data-driven visibility across tools and processes.

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