Businesses are seeking higher availability, increased fault tolerance, and improved resilience against disasters, and signing more stringent SLAs with their vendors and partners. Close monitoring of issues in operations helps in meeting such SLAs and saves steep financial and reputational costs. Klera offers out-of-the-box connectors for a wide range of operations tools to collect and visually analyze data, identify issues on the critical path likely to cause SLA breaches, and ensure a faster resolution.

Unify Ops Data to Stay on Top of SLAs

Experience it Now
  • Sync Jira and ServiceNow to eliminate duplication of effort on similar trouble tickets
  • Selectively write-back from ServiceNow to Jira based on business criteria
  • Identify which escalated issues in Engineering are likely to breach SLA
  • Get critical issues resolved by the most appropriately skilled personnel
  • Trend customer sentiments based on the content of reported incidents

Benefits of SLA Monitoring

Software Engineering

Developers can avoid conflicts and duplication of work, collaborate with the support team to resolve issues in a cohesive manner, and ensure higher productivity.

Customer Success

The team can track issues and customer sentiment, monitor all open tickets from a single interface and work efficiently to meet its retention and renewal targets.


With real-time and historical data around SLAs met and breached, the Operations team can easily assess their performance and take remedial actions towards meeting SLAs.

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