Continuous monitoring and actionable insights are crucial for the success of any DevOps implementation. However, CI/CD pipelines vary a lot in terms of the toolchains involved, which makes keeping track of health and performance issues difficult. Klera helps you collect and visualize data from a wide range of DevOps tools over a unified platform for proactive monitoring of the entire build pipeline.

Monitor CI/CD Pipelines, End-to-End

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Bring Git, Jenkins, Sonar, and Artifactory together to:

  • Monitor health of the CI/CD build pipeline and setup cognitive, proactive alerts spanning various tools
  • Assess performance and quality of deployments in a unified way across multiple tools
  • Extend build pipeline monitoring to include application monitoring (Nagios) and container monitoring (Kubernetes)

Benefits of CI/CD Pipeline Monitoring

Software Engineering

Detect and troubleshoot performance issues early in the cycle to avoid delays, maintain quality, and ensure adherence to delivery deadlines.

Quality Assurance

A unified platform to view code coverage, commit and PR history helps QA team stay on top of the quality parameters and get to the root cause of issues faster.


Team members get a big picture view of the development lifecycle, which helps them detect spikes or unusual delays at any of the stages for further troubleshooting.

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