Cloud is driving innovation and enhancing operational efficiencies for businesses across all sectors. Businesses expand their cloud budgets every year and rely on multiple cloud services providers. As a result, a typical enterprise has to monitor resources spread across multiple clouds and on-premises environments. However, every cloud provider offers its own set of reports and dashboards to track resource consumption and costs. It makes it difficult for admins to correlate the data, identify provisioning inefficiencies, control virtual sprawl, and analyze their cloud spends. Klera simplifies hybrid and multi-cloud costs analysis by consolidating expanse data from different cloud platforms and accounts. It helps businesses in optimizing their cloud expenditure and predicting future costs. 

Enhance Visibility into Hybrid Cloud Costs 

  • Connect with AWS, Azure, GCP accounts to collect and analyze cloud costs in one place. 
  • Get quick insights categorized by region, services, tags, and more. 
  • Simplify workflows to manage the resource tags and maintain tag hygiene for accurate cost analysis. 
  • Get rule-based alerts for any spikes and recommendations for higher costefficiency. 
  • Reduce multi-cloud wastage by analyzing spends against budgets and forecast costs and usage. 

Benefits of Unified Cloud Cost Analysis 

Software Engineering

As teams get an accurate assessment of the costs associated with the cloud infrastructure, they are sensitized to prevent idle capacity and ensure rightsizing of instances. 

Operation Teams

The operations team gets real-time alerts for any cost spikes that help them proactively investigate and resolve provisioning issues to prevent cost overruns. 

Business Leader

unified approach to multi-cloud cost-management and analysis allows business leaders to contextualize the costs against other critical business KPIs and strategic goals. 

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