As organizations implement complex CI/CD pipelines, getting seamless visibility into the value chain becomes crucial. Organizations need traceability across disparate tools to quickly identify defects and vulnerabilities, the corresponding lines of code, and who’s best suited to resolve the defects quickly. Klera helps you achieve all this with data-driven pipeline visibility and ML-based assignee recommendations.

Ensure Better Serviceability With Correlated Visibility Across Tools

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Enable complete traceability across ServiceNow, Jira, and GitLab to:

  • Quickly establish the ‘golden thread’ – which feature roll-out led to defects in production and what was its code impact
  • Identify frequently modified files, that could have generated hotspots, and who worked on them
  • Get ML-based assignee recommendations to resolve a defect
  • Extend the analysis to include quality gates and measures to determine if the pass criteria need to be redefined

Benefits of DevOps Traceability

Software Engineering

Traceability adds accountability among team members ensuring improvements in code maintenance, code reusability, velocity, and quality with adherence to best practices.

Quality Assurance

Traceability supports product validation and allows QA team to achieve and demonstrate incremental improvements in quality, speed, with reduced defect rates and technical debt.


Traceability helps in ensuring that issues or defects are routed to the right team members for faster resolutions and improved productivity.

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