Today, enterprises rely on different metrics and dashboards to monitor their applications and the underlying platform and infrastructure. The monitoring becomes more challenging in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Teams have to set up various dashboards using ELK/Grafana, Nagios, Prometheus, CloudWatch, etc. to monitor different aspects of their application and environment. The lack of consolidated view hinders visibility into the health and performance of DevOps. Klera unifies data from different sources providing a holistic view of DevOps. With DevOps 360 one can track key DevOps metrics or scores over a unified dashboard to get a quick overview and drill down to analyze or troubleshoot further. These metrics are dependent on multiple sub-parameters linked to the application, infrastructure, and platform. 

Simplify End-to-End DevOps Monitoring 

Get a high-level overview of DORA metrics or drill down to discover granular details:

  • Monitor the five key metrics viz. availability, security score, SLA adherence, cloud cost, and KPI Index over a single dashboard. 
  • Correlate application performance with infrastructure issues and bottlenecks. 
  • Get detailed dashboards to monitor infrastructure, application, platform, enduser data, builds and deployments, incidents, and more. 
  • Analyze data over a period to detect over-provisioning or under-provisioning challenges, application performance, and user experience issues. 

Benefits of DevOps 360 

Software Engineering

With a true picture of the application performance and the environment, engineering teams can make informed decisions to improve different features and deliver better enduser experience. 

Quality Assurance

QA teams can monitor defects in real-time and provide timely feedback to make continuous improvements in the quality and performance of applications. 


Operations teams can monitor real-time and past data to gauge application performance trends and make provisioning decisions to maximize the cloud ROI. 

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