Most software development teams rely on Confluence to collaborate on ideas and manage knowledge resources, while Jira helps them organize work, keeping track of various issues during the process. While as individual tools, they deliver significant value, integrating Jira and Confluence can be even more beneficial for organizations. Klera provides simple and powerful search across these tools for fast and intelligent content discovery.

Deliver Smart Search Experiences with a Future-Ready Analytics Platform

  • Unify search across Confluence and Jira
  • Get granular details with content indexing and entity extraction
  • Decode user search behavior using machine learning
  • Quickly sift through massive chunks of data with an actionable content summary

Benefits of Integrating Search Across Confluence & Jira

Software Engineering

Visualize search results in interactive formats, correlate data, and derive meaningful insights.

Quality Assurance

QA team can monitor search trends, and analyze search frequency and volumes to understand search behavior across various epics and sprints.


The operations team can reduce swivel-chair work and take proactive actions addressing recurring or cyclic issues in the organization.

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Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps


Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps

Unified Search Across Unstructured and Structured Content


Unified Search Across Unstructured and Structured Content