Deliver Intelligence
from Your
ALM & DevOps Tools
Unlike Ever Before

What is Klera?

Klera is a software solution that makes people 10X faster in deriving intelligence from all ALM & DevOps tools. Klera enables enterprises to access data, compute insights and write-back in an easy, agile and automated way.

KleraTM Enables You to:

Access Data in Real Time

  • Instantly connect with all tools and databases without any programming.
  • Get access to all relevant current and historical data for analysis, within minutes.

  • No data lake required.

Automatic Discovery and Delivery of Insights

  • Library of pre-built templates deliver automatic, out-of-box insights across tools.
  • Seamlessly drill across tools
    in an InfiniteExploration™

  • Add alerts, set triggers & schedule reports.

Write-back and Take Actions

  • Control tools directly
    based on insights,
    using bi-directional APIs.
  • Immediate actions from
    a unified interface
    drive efficiency.

  • Direct write-back to synchronize data across tools and databases.

Why Klera?

Rapid Application

  • Develop custom analytics applications 10X faster.
  • No programming required for application development.


  • Apply custom computations across tools using a powerful suite of formulas.
  • Drive a series of actions based on computed KPIs and metrics.

Integrated Analytics with Machine Learning

  • Integrated analytics suite includes unstructured data analysis, clustering, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis and forecasting.
  • Bring your own preferred machine learning algorithms and models.

Recommendations and Scenario Planning

  • Build and train data models for machine assisted planning and recommendations.
  • Plan what-if scenarios in real-time and drive actions on connected tools directly.

Sharing and

  • Share your analysis in real-time with other users, based on roles and permissions.
  • Collaborate in real-time around insights and take immediate actions.

Security and

  • Multi-level user security including role-based access control on connected tools, row level security and persona level permissions.
  • Node-based scalability allows large, global enterprises to be seamlessly supported.
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Supported Tools and Databases

Klera connects with a wide-range of tools and databases using dynamic,
bi-directional, intelligent connectors.

Don’t See the Connector you are Looking for?

Klera can onboard any new tool or database within hours and without any
programming, using its application builder framework. Please contact us for more details.

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