Actionable Solutions
for Enterprises by
Connecting the Dots
Across Systems

Application Development
Life Cycle and DevOps

Enterprises, across industries, experience several pain points at various levels of the organization. By seamlessly connecting the dots across multiple systems, Klera delivers transformative, actionable solutions to enterprises unlike ever before.

Independent of the systems and the type of application development practices in use – Waterfall, Agile Scrum, Kanban, SAFe®, DevOps etc., Klera enables 360° visibility and actions across Business, Engineering and Operations.

Sales is confident of closing the deal. Support says otherwise.
What is the reality?

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Klera brings Salesforce and ServiceNow seamlessly together to:

  • Assess the true health of a customer account with an end-to-end view across departments.

  • Drive incidents to closure that lead to positive customer sentiments.

  • Eliminate risks and increase probability of deal closure in a completely data-driven way.

 Significantly increase the probability of successfully closing an opportunity.

Are similar trouble tickets being opened? Am I likely to breach an SLA?
Who and what issues are on the critical path?

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Klera brings ServiceNow and Jira seamlessly together to:

  • Assess customer satisfaction trend based on SLA history.

  • Identify which escalated issues in Engineering are likely to breach SLA in Operations.

  • Take direct actions to get critical issues resolved by the most appropriately skilled personnel to avoid financial penalties.

   Directly impact customer satisfaction by successfully meeting SLA deadlines.

What features and components are the source of frequently occurring defects? What were the corresponding code changes and associated quality measures?

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Klera brings Jira, Git and Sonar seamlessly together to:

  • Identify patterns of frequently occurring defects and features linked to them.

  • Link associated components, types of code changes made and potential hotspots in the code.

  • Assess quality measures and take corrective actions such as refactoring the component and more.

  Improve product quality and drive down costs by significantly reducing the defect rate.

How Customers are
Benefiting from Klera Today:

  • Complete visibility across business, engineering & finance

  • Assess ROI onstrategic initiatives

  • Review health of top customer accounts dynamically

  • Identify risks and process gaps proactively

  • Monitor quality and plan deliveries effectively

  • Improve velocity and efficiency across projects and teams

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