Looking for 360° data-driven visibility across departments and distributed teams to enable transformative, actionable use cases?
TranscendBITM with rapid, no-code apps that solve biggest enterprise challenges within minutes.

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Ensure timely deliveries by eliminating bottlenecks
causing high lead times.

Seamlessly mine Jira data to:

  • Identify ‘lead’ and ‘work in progress’ times for issues across distributed teams,
    projects, and more

  • Assess risks and process gaps whether using Agile Scrum, Kanban, or Scaled Agile

  • Take corrective actions and track improvement trends in an automated way

Increase productivity with significant time savings through data-driven project management.

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Bring entire CI/CD tool stack on a unified platform,
deploy high quality builds with frequent commits.

Bring Git, Jenkins, Sonar, and Artifactory together to:

  • Monitor health of the CI/CD build pipeline and setup cognitive, proactive alerts spanning various tools

  • Assess performance and quality of deployments in a unified way across multiple tools

  • Extend build pipeline monitoring to include application monitoring (Nagios) and container monitoring (Kubernetes)

Minimize risks efficiently with proactive, unified health, and performance monitoring of the entire build pipeline.

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Identify features and code commits behind frequent defects, without long, iterative meetings.

Connect the dots across Jira, Git, and Sonar to:

  • Identify patterns of frequently occurring defects and features linked to them

  • Link associated components, types of code changes made and potential hotspots in the code

  • Assess quality measures and take corrective actions such as refactoring the component and more

10X cost savings by significantly reducing defect rate and eliminating long meetings.

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Identify issues on critical path, likely to cause SLA breaches. Eliminate duplication of effort on similar trouble tickets.

Efficiently synchronize Jira and ServiceNow to:

  • Identify which escalated issues in Engineering are likely to breach SLA in Operations

  • Get critical issues resolved by the most appropriately skilled personnel to avoid financial penalties

  • Trend customer sentiments based on content of reported incidents

  • Selectively write-back from ServiceNow to Jira based on business criteria

Directly impact customer satisfaction by successfully meeting SLA deadlines.

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Keep your Sales and Support teams on the same page to nurture leads, ensure deal closures and customer satisfaction.

Integrate Salesforce and ServiceNow to:

  • Assess the true health of a customer account with an end-to-end view across departments

  • Drive incidents to closure that lead to positive customer sentiments

  • Eliminate risks and increase the probability of deal closure in a completely data-driven way

Significantly increase the probability of successfully closing an opportunity.

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Drill down to the feature, line of code causing a defect. Get intelligent assignee recommendation for resolving tickets.

Enable complete traceability across ServiceNow, Jira, and GitLab to:

  • Quickly establish the ‘golden thread’ – which feature roll-out led to defects in production and what was its code impact

  • Identify frequently modified files, that could have generated hotspots, and who worked on them

  • Get recommendations, using machine learning, on who is best suited to resolve a defect

  • Extend the analysis to include quality gates and measures to determine if the pass criteria need to be redefined

Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up cycle time to resolve defects and reducing customer reported defects over time.

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Optimize developer productivity by proactively resolving potential conflicts encountered before a merge.

Empower developers by drawing insights from Git data to:

  • Get early warning on potential conflicts across branches

  • Get alerts delivered right into your inbox as soon as a potential conflict is found

  • Minimize the probability of conflicts and avoid chaos at the time of release

  • Resolve logical conflicts proactively and save time on merging and code reviews

Significantly improve the efficiency of your developers and save time and cost on rework for conflict resolution.

Key Use Cases Enabled for Customers

Early warning system to assess
quality and delivery risks and take

Monitor if work being done is as
per the aligned strategy

Plan a Program Increment and track
PI metrics and dependencies

Lead time, Mean time analysis for
identifying bottlenecks and
process issues

Clear backlog and defects using
unstructured data analysis

End-to-end visibility and
monitoring of the DevOps CI/CD
build pipeline