Human capital management practices have evolved significantly over the years, with most organizations relying on multiple online tools and applications. However, these tools lack integration, and HR teams spend significant time and effort in collecting feedback from different employee groups. There is no unified platform to gather insights from employee surveys and polls. Klera solves this challenge, allowing HR teams to create custom surveys, collect data, analyze responses, and present insights as easily consumable reports, using a single interface.

Create and Conduct Surveys with Real-Time Analytics on Responses

  • Build your own forms to seamlessly collect data from employees as surveys or polls
  • Gather employees’ suggestions, gauge satisfaction and engagement levels, NPS score, and test knowledge and awareness of HR policies
  • Apply computations and advanced analytics to gain insights into survey responses
  • Uncover trends and patterns by performing text and sentiment analysis

Benefits of the Survey App

HR Team

Stay on top of employees’ experience, expectations, and career goals, identify employee burnouts, compliance risks, and measure the efficiency of various HR processes.

Middle Management

Capture managers’ resource needs, training requirements, and create a two-way channel for communication between managers and employees for effective feedback and improvement.

The C-Suite

Promote a transparent and open environment welcoming employees’ suggestions and views on the company’s policies, keeping track of organizational culture and happiness levels.

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Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps


Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps

Surveys & Polls


Surveys & Polls