Surveys and polls offer a straightforward approach to tracking your customers’, employees’, and partners’ opinions, preferences, needs, and pain points, helping you make informed business decisions. However, getting real-time insights from surveys isn’t simple. Organizations can struggle to analyze responses and derive meaningful insights from their surveys and polls. An app that allows you to create custom surveys, collect data, analyze responses, and present insights as easily consumable reports, using a single interface can make things simpler.

Create and conduct surveys with real-time analytics on responses

  • Build your own forms to seamlessly collect data from
    users as surveys or polls
  • Apply computations and advanced analytics to gain
    insights into survey responses
  • Uncover trends and patterns by performing text and
    sentiment analysis
  • Trace product feedback, conduct market research, or
    measure employee and customer satisfaction

Benefits of Surveys and Polls App

Marketers & Analysts

Get increased agility and freedom to make last minute changes with a powerful platform that simplifies creation of survey forms and provides real-time visual analysis.

Operations Team

Reduce dependence on the ops-team for survey creation and launch, providing them more time to monitor mission-critical processes, tools, applications, and services.


The C-Suite or business stakeholders can get a quick overview of survey results with downloadable reports or access real-time insights and drill down to details by logging into the app.

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Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps


Rapid, No Code, Intelligent Apps