On-Demand Webinar

A Data-Driven Approach to
Driving Quality & Reliability in Engineering

45 Mins Session + 10 Mins Q&A

Session Overview

Engineering teams play a crucial role in creating value for customers and driving competitive leadership, growth, and profitability for a business. Moreover, quality and reliability measures taken during the development process define customer experiences.

But how can engineering teams continue to deliver high quality and reliability, while ensuring speed and cost-effectiveness? With over 25 years of experience, in applying data-driven analytics to drive quality and reliability in engineering, Ramana Sampangi, Vice President of Engineering at 8×8 Inc., knows this first-hand.

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Apply a data-driven, customer-focused approach throughout the development lifecycle, to ensure reliability and quality
  • Develop a framework to measure reliability and quality of development on an ongoing basis
  • Identify process gaps and create actionable proposals and plans
  • Minimize the need for meetings and use self-service analytics to course correct as needed


Ramana Sampangi

Vice President, Engineering, 8×8, Inc.

Bud Lee

Director, Software Quality Engineering, 8×8, Inc.

Bhavin Shah

Vice President,

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