Engineering Intelligence – Decoding Barriers to Developer Productivity

45 Mins Session

A recent study, covering thousands of C-level executives and product development teams, suggests that enterprises can tap into new and emerging trends and build products faster by leveraging their existing engineering talent better.

Eliminating productivity barriers and boosting developer performance is key to the success of any software product enterprise. In this webinar, we will decode two major challenges faced by product development teams, and explore pathways to eliminate these challenges to boost developer productivity. 

  1. Last minute code conflicts at merge
  2. Inefficient impact analysis 

Why Watch?

  • Quantify the impact of merge conflicts and inefficient testing scope analysis on developer productivity
  • Learn how to apply a data driven approach to identify and eliminate process bottlenecks with early warnings
  • Learn from real-life case studies shared by an industry expert with extensive product development and customer success background

Speaker: Deeba Ansari

Product development expert with 20+ years of experience across leading technology enterprises. Currently helping engineering teams realize efficiencies using data-driven intelligence, in her role as a Technical Pre-Sales and Customer Success leader.