On-Demand Webinar

Make Your ALM and DevOps Teams 10X Faster

45 Mins Session

Session Overview

ALM and DevOps teams use a number of different tools. These tools operate in silos, making it hard to connect the dots. Enterprises struggle with making their teams productive without any data-driven visibility.

Traditional approaches, for identifying issues such as bottlenecks in the Agile development cycle or the CI/CD pipeline, are time consuming and often ineffective. ALM and DevOps teams need a unified solution that can seamlessly gather, analyze and synchronize data across all their tools.

View this webinar recording to understand the performance analysis of an on-going Agile development project, and explore the paradigm of:
  1. Gather data across tools like Jira, Git, and SonarQube, using bi-directional connectors
  2. Contextually and interactively Analyze across disparate tools
  3. Intelligently Synchronize data across tools


Bhavin Shah

Vice President,

With extensive experience in the analytics and business intelligence domain, Bhavin has been helping leading global enterprises and government agencies transform the way they work for 20 years. In his current role he is responsible for all business aspects at Klera since its inception.