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Predictive Delivery Using a Data-Driven Early Warning System

35 Mins Session + 10 Mins Q&A

Session Overview

Delivery leaders are always seeking ways to mitigate risks to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software. However, enterprises struggle to proactively assess risks and  plan actions in order to maintain the schedule, scope, and quality of deliveries.

Ashwani Nandini, Vice President – Delivery Assurance at GlobalLogic, championed predictive delivery by using a data-driven early warning system to assess risks, plan actions and eliminate gut-based inefficiencies.

Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • How to apply analytics to transform software delivery, by identifying and eliminating risks using an early warning system
  • What type of rigor is required and actions to plan to ensure on-time delivery, while meeting scope and quality commitments
  • What key metrics to track as measures of predictability
  • How to get buy-in to normalize processes across teams and projects, and drive the cultural shift


Ashwani Nandini

Vice President, Delivery Assurance, GlobalLogic

Bhavin Shah

Vice President,

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